How Technology Is Reshaping Financial Services: Essays on Consumer Behavior in Card, Channel and Cryptocurrency Services

Dan Geng (
School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University
June, 2017
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GENG Dan is the fifth year PhD student in Singapore Management University, advised by Prof Robert Kauffman. She received her Bachelor's degree from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, and visited Carnegie Mellon University as an exchange student in 2014.
Her research interest lies in Financial Information Systems and Technology. She works on areas including omni-channel retail banking operations, credit card-based partnerships, and global penetration of cryptocurrencies. She is particularly interested in business problems characterised by extensive use of IT, and seek to produce useful insights on customer behaviour and valuable managerial implications for financial institutions that pursue competitive advantage and a leading brand image for technological innovation in the financial services industry.


The financial services sector has seen dramatic technological innovations in
the last several years associated with the “fintech revolution.” Major changes have taken place in channel management, credit card rewards marketing, cryptocurrency, and wealth management, and have influenced consumers’ banking behavior indifferent ways. As a consequence, there has been a growing demand for banks to rethink their business models and operations to adapt to changing consumer behavior and counter the competitive pressure from other banks and non-bank players. In this dissertation, I study consumer behavior related to different aspects of
financial innovation by addressing research questions that are motivated by theory-focused research literature and managerial considerations in business practice. I seek to understand how technology is reshaping financial services, and how financial institutions can leverage big data analytics to create deep insights about consumer behavior for decision support.